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    Moderator Application Template Empty Moderator Application Template

    Post by Desu on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:22 pm

    You only are allowed to post your applications for Forum Moderator in THIS section. Not the pending applications.
    The moderators will be thoroughly checked before we just give out moderator.
    First step: Regular members will vouch, based on vouches, a team of 3 people have a vote on if they are moved into pending applications, once there, two administrators *MUST* agree on your becoming a mod, and you will become one.
    I know it seems like it'd take a while - it probably will - but we have to be careful about just handing out moderator.

    Maplestory IGN:
    Real Life Name:
    Time Zone:
    Time you have been on the forum:
    Your contributions to the forum:
    Why you should be a moderator:
    Other things you'd like us to know:

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